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Absolute Blue Invitation 1/25/19 - 1/26/19

Absolute Blue Repeats


We can explain. As previously mentioned, we had every intention of performing last Sunday until an ill-fated decision to stop at Taco Bell. It started innocently enough with Kevin ordering a bean burrito at the drive through, but then Tom ordered a taco with extra paprika. Bill broke the uneasy silence by demanding a liter of Coke instead of a large Pepsi, whereupon unfazed, Don inexplicably yelled “Vive la France!” then began reciting limericks. When pulling up to the next window, Skip mumbled something to the attendant about coleslaws being bad for the environment. We believe he meant soda straws but we will never be sure. Then Bill attempted to tip the cashier. At this point we could hear the sirens getting closer. Somewhere along the line the authorities were alerted and we were informed that we faced potential charges of concessionary bribery (turns out to be a thing) and conspiracy to commit a cursory burglary (probably not a thing). The responding officer asked Bill if he had any id and he said “‘Bout what?” They were considering Baker Acting Don until we explained that he played trumpet, after which they offered a toll free support number. Fortunately this happened in Satellite Beach so instead of any actual jail time we received time out. And as a result, we are banned from a number of drive throughs including Arby’s, Popeyes and Church’s, although we’re not sure whether that pertains to just Catholic or all denominations.


So this Friday while traveling to our performance at Squid Lips in Melbourne from 7 to 11, we have been ordered not to stop for any food, drink, hitchhikers or red lights…

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