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Bill Yearty

bill02What instruments do you play?
Drums and the throat

Where are you from?
Macon, Ga

You may know me from such bands as
Staggered Image, Shaker, Elgin Hooper, Bad Influence and AB

Turn ons

If I was a tree, I would be a
Rubber Tree

Favorite food?
Fried Fish

Favorite position?
Reverse Twister

Birthday/Zodiac sign?
June 14/Gemini

Lifestyle choice?

Boxers or briefs?
Boxer briefs

Beverage of choice?
Jim Beam and Seven

Chunks, Lucky and Petey Poo

Favorite Superhero?

Any magazine subscriptions?

Personal philosophy?
Be Happy!

Paper or plastic?

Ginger, Maryanne or Mrs. Howell?

Favorite vacation destination?

Are you an organ donor?
No, Im going to hang onto mine, just in case. You just never know!


# Jeff C 2013-01-15 00:40
Hi Bill,

A couple weeks ago, you gave my 4 year old son, Henry, a pair of your drumsticks at Squid Lips, and he also played cowbell with you. He loves to listen to "Give Me Some Lovin'" (especially the Blues Brothers version, because he's sure it is you guys). He got a guitar for Christmas, and he alternates b/t the guitar and drums. He wants to see you guys again soon. Thanks for being so cool to include him like that.
Also, here's a video of he and his younger sister, Kate, playing drumsticks and tamborine together during your break. You can hear your voice in that one.

Keep on rockin, and we'll see you soon!
Jeff Christiansen
# Jeff C 2013-01-15 00:44
BTW, the website listed was the video of Henry making a video for you guys. Once he slows down on guitar, you can hear a familiar song in the background.
It's here:
# lmigliore 2013-09-16 16:55

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