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Skip Gosnell

Over 40 Years of Experience

After leaving the Lois Johnson Show (a Grand Ol' Opry affiliate) in Nashville, he returned to N.C. and played at the Nashville Club on Sweeten Creek Rd. off and on from 1982 to 1992. He held a "house job" at the Oasis in Waynesville for over 6 years and played in virtually every venue in Buncome, Transylvania, and Henderson counties. If the place has a stage or a dance floor, then he's probably played there.

Through the years Skip worked with and/or opened for such artists as Lois Johnson, Don Silvers, Lee Greenwood,
Roy Clark, Rhett Aiken, Chris Cagle, Billy Thundercloud, Charlie Louvin, Ernie Ashworth, Merle Kilgore, Orion, The Ventures, The Blues Man Johnny Moon and many others.

Opened and operated a small demo project recording studio. (Brevard N.C.)
Began a mail order business of turning bare lyrics into songs with full musical backup.
Playing most or all the musical instruments plus singing all background harmonies.
Skip is fluent in several different instruments.

    1    Lead guitar is my forte’
    2    Rhythm guitar
    3    Bass guitar is my second forte’
    4    Piano
    5    Organ
    6    Synthesized Keyboards
    7    Steel Guitar
    8    Banjo
    9    Drums


    1    Gospel  (contemporary or southern)
    2    Blues
    3    Country (classic/current)
    4    Rock (classic/current)
    5    Bluegrass
    6    Jazz
    7    R&B
    8    Latino

Own and operate equipment used in all aspects of audio recording. Digital and Analog audio recorders, mixers, sub-mixers, digital  harmonists and effects processors.

He worked with numerous bands in the Nashville Tn. area playing for songwriter’s nights where the only written music is the       "Nashville Number System”.

Has also organized numerous benefit concerts. Usually working with three or more bands performing during an evening.

Benefit work:

     Child Alert Foundation
     Heart fund
     Matt Curtis (Burn Victim)
     Hospital and Various Medical Benefits
     Various Orphanages

Skip's first recording session took place at Mark 5 Studios in Greenville, South Carolina in 1975. Since then he has recorded in      studios in Nashville, Tn., Richmond, Va., Asheville, N.C., and throughout the southeast.

The most recent being a top 40 hit on the European market recorded at Gene Breeden Studios in the United Artists Tower on Music  Row in Nashville.

Although never formally schooled in the musical arts, Skip is extremely well versed in music theory, the “ear method” and the      “number system”.

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