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Absolute Blue Invitation 3/01/19 - 3/03/19

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So now we know how 5 culturally diverse ‘musicians’ came together to form The Worst Band You’ll Ever Love. But then what? Leading economists have proven that the product name is essential to its success. It needed to be something clever, that inferred what the band was about, but retained the mystery factor. We were unanimous in our choice, but unfortunately Five Old Guys Drinking Beer was already taken. And Below Average White Band seemed too obvious. So we decided each member would be able to name the band on a temporary basis. This is why, thanks to Don, we were known as The Dubious Brothers for a week. Our bassist was responsible for Tomm The Hoople and Kevin was the reason why for a few hours we were called Credence Beerwater Revival. Skip, having recently outdone himself at Taco Bell, christened us Rage Against the Latrine. We strongly considered celebrating our progressive rock roots with Jefferson, Drake and Dahmer, after a starship, a rapper and a serial killer. I mean, what could go wrong? And we don’t have to tell you who wanted to call the band Red Hot Billy Peppers. We then decided to use a combination of those bands that influenced us the most, which left us with the following:


-Stevie Ray Dawn: Guitar virtuosity meets the smoothness of Tony Orlando.

-KC/DC: A blending of the seminal disco band and the down under hard rockers.

-Free Dog Night: Bad Company’s front man joins Chuck, Danny and Cory.

-Earth, Wind and Billy Squire: Funk meets Junk.

-The CommodeDoors: You see what we did here.


Joins us for a Saturday night at Sandbar in Cocoa Beach, at the end of 520, from 9 to 1…


Followed closely by a Sunday afternoon at Malabar Mo’s, at Malabar and US1, from 4 to 8…

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