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Absolute Blue Invitation 06/14/19 - 06/15/19

Absolute Blue Maritimizes


When it comes to boating and all things nautical we turn to our inside source, our brother from another rudder, whose extensive knowledge of watercraft has earned him a docktorate. He was able to provide some valuable inside information but you have to keep an eye on him. He’s so sneaky that when I asked him where I could park the boat he gave me the slip. I asked about the best deal he had on a row boat and he said it was quite an oar deal. And about the red boat that crashed into the blue boat. Both crews were marooned. He said he sunk so many inflatable boats they call him the Zodiac killer. And his previous job repossessing boats earned him the name Trawler Hauler. So, as asked, he provided some little known maritime facts:


-China announced its first floating brothel, called Sampan Thank You Ma’am.

-One of Elvis Presley’s first hits was dedicated to his fondness for a particular ferry boat, Love Me Tender.

-Spanish ships are sold by the Galleon or Half Galleon.

-If you are arrested for illegal boating you are read your catamaranda rights.

-When getting seasick, don’t worry, it happens to all of us schooner or freighter.

-When propelling your boat, remember it’s always Row vs Wade.


Join us for a Friday night at Sunset Waterfront Grille on 520 in Cocoa Beach, from 5 to 10…

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