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Absolute Blue Invitation 06/21/19 - 06/22/19

Absolute Blue Anglizes


Now that we are up to speed on watercraft of all kinds, we take a deeper dive into those creatures that dwell beneath the waters we sail on. Those intriguing, fascinating, sometimes tasty inhabitants of the deep blue sea. And at the risk of sounding shellfish and with no sense of urchincy, we remind you that any one that is not your friend is anenome. So don’t be a prawn gone wrong, listen to the sturgeon general. But let’s get one thing straight as we look forward to the most patriotic of holidays. We’re talking American fish only. Preferably Republican. Proud, patriotic, Bill O’Reilly watchin’, NRA card totin’ freedom fish. And we fully support our administration’s efforts to keep foreign fish out of American waterways. For far too long we’ve stood by and watched undocumented immigrant fish take jobs meant for our native species. Jobs like biting on hooks and getting stuck in nets. Oh, and also:


-Is a small marine fish with limited options a seahorse with no recourse?

-Would a crab that is so spoiled that they had their sandwiches trimmed be considered a crust hatin’ crustacean?

-Could two Indian reef fish be called a pair of Buddha barracudas?

-When you fall in love with an eel, is that a moray?

-Can you call an obnoxious mollusk enthusiast a boisterous oysterist?


Join Absolute Blue as they perform random acts of musicality at Gators Dockside at the Port Friday from 6 to 10…

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