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Absolute Blue Invitation 07/27/19 - 07/28/19

Absolute Blue Crowdisizes


We remain committed to the crowdsourcing concept, after seeing many successes with Kickstarter and GoFundMe. And even though our original website, GoKickMe failed on a catastrophic level, the idea of people donating money (see also Tip Jar) is intriguing enough to give it another try. And if there is one thing our Introduction to Marketing class at community college has taught us, it’s the product name that makes the difference between success and failure. Not content to settle for the pedantic Cash For Johnny, Secondhand Rand For The Motherland or even simply Money For Nothing, we determined that something more substantial is necessary. And since we have never been keen to learn from our mistakes, we bring you the following entries for new film crowdsourcing campaigns:


-Another entry in the Firefly universe: Pound Notes For Brown Coats.

-An FBI thriller: Euros For The Bureau.

-The latest Scorsese film: Dinero For DeNiro.

-A sequel to Milk: A Million Yen For Sean Penn.

-A faith based film from Italy: Lira My God To Thee.

-The sequel to Spinal Tap: Rupees For Groupies.


Join us for a Saturday evening in Sebastian at the Crab Stop, on Indian River Blvd, just north of Main Street, from 6 to 9…

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