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Absolute Blue Invitation 08/09/19 - 08/10/19

Absolute Blue Musicalizes


As Don often tells us, everyone loves a good showtune. And you may not be aware, but the Worst Band You’ll Ever Love has had a substantial presence in local theatre. Just last year our dual performance as both the Sharks and the Jets in a local High School performance of West Side Story, while universally panned, was the high point of the production, at least from one inebriated reviewer who may well have seen Aquaman by mistake. And more recently our portrayal of the hills in The Sound of Music really came alive. Also, local reviewers reported that we put the ‘grey’ in Hair, calling our rendition of Aquarius ‘Hilariously nefarious’. Unfortunately, we just missed out on the lead in Camelot apparently for not bringing enough camel to the audition, which by the way tastes like chicken. So we decided to come up with our own song titles, each with its own personal spin. Because, after all we’re just a band. Standing in front of a crowd. Asking them to love us.


-Tom reflects on the sympathy card he received from Senators Smith and Hassan: Don’t Cry For Me Marge and Tina.

-Kevin reminds us that he draws intricate pictures of his horn: Kevin Depicts Trombones.

-Don honors a late dinner he attended with Representative Graves and former Attorney General Reno: Sam And Janet Evening.

-Bill professes his love of aged stout beer: There’s No Guinness Like Old Guinness.

-Skip looks forward to a return trip to the capital of Virginia: If I Was In Richmond.



Join us for a Saturday evening at Sunset Waterfront Grill in Cocoa Beach from 5 to 10…


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