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Absolute Blue Invitation 09/21/19 - 09/22/19

Absolute Blue Pasturizes


Hello there! Member us? You know, the band with horns? Yep, we’re back and ready to entertain and amuse you. And now that the incident at the Taco Bell drive thru is a distant memory we can get on with our lives. Who knew that ‘behind the bushes’ versus ‘in the bushes’ would mean the difference between a misdemeanor and a felony? And how can it be considered a hate crime when everyone loves tacos? As legal counsel and the good state of Florida have both advised, we will not speak of this again. Instead, we look to our future, planning for that time when we are ready for retirement. We have reviewed many options including single care, group homes and several cardboard boxes and after long deliberation have come up with the following:


-Bill has agreed in principle to join the area’s first Republican only facility, O’Reilly’s O’Resthome. What really sealed the deal was the newly installed stripper pole. Even now he is stockpiling rolls of quarters.

-Skip is interested in the newest clothing optional accommodations, Peckeridge Farms, where he can literally hang out with all his friends. However rules indicate that members over a certain age wear either a protective flap or incontinent undergarment, depends.

-Kevin chose a water themed institution, Aqua ‘R’ Us, whereby through a series of tubes and resonant chambers he can not only sleep but communicate and intelligently converse with the fishes.

-Our trumpet player was the easiest to place. One phone call to A Place For Don and he was recommended to Soylently Green, an eco-friendly short term residential home that promises excellent care for the first week then assured that he will be served in many ways after that.

-Tom has opted for Windbreakers, For The Excessively Flatulent, Overtly Vaporous and Perpetually Noxious. Ask him about his fartometer.


Join us for a Saturday night at Malabar Mo’s, at the corner of US1 and Malabar Road, from 7 to 11…


And make plans now for our debut at the NEW Whiskey Beach, 1462 A1A, formerly The Cove, next Saturday, 9/28, from 8 to 12:00…

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