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Absolute Blue Invitation 11/29/19 - 12/01/19

Absolute Blue Benefitizes


It’s the time of year when we are required to enroll in a specific benefit plan for the coming year. And Absolute Blue Inc offers a wide array of products designed to provide a foundation for future success as well as security for any unforeseeable occurrence related to physical, mental or spiritual health. Fortunately, Absolute Blue Cross has been created for this very purpose. Unfortunately Tom struggles with some related core concepts and wanted to sign up for an HMO to catch up on Game Of Thrones, thought the accidental death policy covered being killed by a hatchet wielding dentist, giggles when we mention PPO, thinks coinsurance covers nickels and dimes, that a dependent refers to taking off a necklace and has to stretch before accessing his flexible spending account. I’d try to explain it to him but I’m out of time and crayons…


You’re welcome, Rickey…



Join us for the Black Friday memorial celebration at Squid Lips in Melbourne from 7 to 11…


Then Sunday it’s a Post Black Friday/Pre Cyber Monday event at Malabar Mo’s from 4 to 8…

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